Members present:  Mr. Hansen, Matt Patterson, Tom Marcheschi, Chareyl Moyes, Tracee Kemp, Sally Lewis, Leeza Valdez, Lori Corbridge, Shantel Chatelain

Weber Morgan Health Department Presentation on Smokeless Tobacco
•Went over new regulations on smoking
•Marketing has changed to smokeless “duel usage” or snus
•Examples passed around – market is geared towards teenagers with packages that look like cell phones and mint containers.
•Very dangerous for infants and teenagers can easily overdoes
•Mr. Hansen commented on having this presentation in our health classes
•Nic Porter (BHS student) presented on sales in convenience stores and how easily it can be purchased
•Paul Ray – Representative working to ban the sale of smokeless tobacco products and fake nicotine (e-cigarettes) in Utah.

CTC – Communities That Care
•Mr. Hansen spoke on Communities That Care.  A community works together pooling their resources to work on issues such as drugs, alcohol, bullying, harassment, suicide and violence in their community.
•South Ogden, Riverdale, Uintah, and Washington Terrace are coming together and working with parents, students, churches, and community organizations to tackle at risk students.

PTSA Needs Assessment Form
•PTSA handed out assessment forms during Laker Time.
•Forms will be tallied by PTSA members and results will be given to the school and counseling center.

Career Day
•PTSA will have our annual Career Day on February 2, 2011
•Students will attend 4 breakout sessions with  a key note speaker to begin
•38 presenters and each session will last approximately 35 minutes

Tour of the Building
•Mr. Hansen offered to take the committee on a tour of the building to show them all of the updates and Trustland funds in action, including Smartboards.

Questions and Concerns

Next Community Council will be held March 17, 2011 at 3:00pm in the Media Center.

Members present:  Mr. Hansen, Teddie Endow, Andrea Woodring, Tom Marcheschi, Chareyl Moyes, Tracee Kemp, Shantel Chatelain, Nathan Toll, Sally Lewis, Matt Patterson, Colleen Henstra, Mike Martersteck, 3 students from U.S. Govt. class.

Needs Assessment:
 Tracee Kemp reviewed the Needs Assessment form survey that was taken during Laker Time by all students.  1160 forms were collected and the top ten concerns from the students were:
1. School lunch
2.Alcohol, tobacco, drug abuse
3.Clean language
4.Self esteem
5.Respect for authority (Chareyl Moyes and panel discussed how this must happen between both the students and the teachers).
7.Class size
9.Child abuse
10.Teen suicide

Mr. Hansen also brought up Communities that Care and how they will be informed of the needs assessment survey and here to help in any way they can.

Trust Lands Plan – Discussion and Approval:
1.We would like to plan on carrying over approximately 6,000.00 from this year into next.
2.Continue to fund the computer lab and the five extra computers in the media center
3.Fund the Media Center - $1000.00 in library books
4.Class size buy-outs (teacher buy- out explanation from Mr. Hansen for Community Council members).  $25,000. Proposed for buy-outs.
5.Testing lab funding

Mr. Hansen - proposed the budget approval, Andrea Woodring – 2nd the motion.  All members voted in favor.

Legislative Changes to the School Land Trust Program:
 Mr. Hansen reviewed changes and went through House Bill 152.
1.Elections for school community council positions must be held open for 3 days and must begin no later than 30 days after the first day of the school year.
2.Each school’s principal must sign a written assurance that the elections were held in accordance with the law.
3.The State Board of Education may recommend that all or a portion of a school’s allocation of School LAND Trust Program money be reduced or eliminated for a fiscal year if the school has failed to comply with the election requirements.
4.The Legislative Auditor General must audit a sample of schools to determine compliance with the election requirements and submit a report to the Education appropriations Subcommittee and the State Board of Education.
5.School districts must allow council discussions of concerns raised by parents.
6.Local school boards may approve or disapprove a plan for the use of School LAND Trust program money, but if a board disapproves of a plan, they must provide a written explanation of why the plan was disapproved and request revisions.

Discussion on Elections for 2011-2012:
 Our elections are held in accordance and will continue with:
1.Back to school letter invites parents to join Community Council by contacting the school.  Elections will be held on Back to School Night.
2.Vote on Back to School Night for new candidates interested in joining Community Council.
3.Always holds 1 more parent than educator.
4.Applicants must submit phone, e-mail address.

Legislative Update:

 At our last Community Council meeting the Weber/Morgan Health Department did a presentation on smokeless tobacco.  Unfortunately the bill did not pass but Mr. Hansen wanted to thank the students (especially Nick Porter) and parents that helped to try and pass the bill.

Announcements, Questions and Concerns:

•Goldenwest Credit Union 5k will be held March 26, 2011.
•Diary of Anne Frank Play will be March 18th through the 28th. Will be held in the little theatre.
•Mr. Hansen read a Letter to the Editor from one of our community mothers.  She was impressed with the respect and courtesy she was shown while visiting Bonneville High School from the students and staff.

Chareyl Moyes welcomed.

 Present:  Mr. Hansen, Chareyl Moyes, Shantel Chatelain, Raquelle Johnson, Mike Martersteck, Susan Hill, Sally Lewis, Tom Marcheschi, Nate Toll, Andrea Woodring.  Visitors:  Heather Melton (teacher), Cindy Marcussen (parent), Mindy Myers (parent), Linda Edwards (parent), Teddie Endow (counselor).
 Shantel reviewed the notes from our last meeting.

 Mr. Hansen went over the drug bust we had two days prior.  Some of the major points were:
•Media attention – very positive, get the word out that we will not tolerate drugs
•Students were supportive when asked about it by teachers in classes
•All students in the bust were under the age of 18
•Communities that Care will work with BHS to help set up programs relating to this issue
•Drug testing is still done every week at the school for sports/groups
•Many of the drugs being distributed were prescription drugs
•We need parents to get involved with PTA, Communities that Care, Community Council in order to help with the problem

CRT Math Scores
•Sherri Heiter met with BHS math teachers and Administration.  They came up with the following results:
◦The State Office only tested Algebra 1 and graded the schools on that. 
◦These are the students that are already struggling.
◦The students did make progress according to results.  Teachers as a whole did not pass but individually they did pass.
◦Algebra will no longer be taught at the high school level
•Budget report on what might be beneficial to help the math program? (refer to Heather Melton’s handout.)
•The Community Council discussed different options that might benefit the math program.
◦Parents need to check the portal
◦Students need to take advantage of Laker Time
◦Can we put a math tutor with the students during Laker Time?
◦Earn attendance credit back by going to math tutor
◦Teachers staying after contracted time and being paid to tutor
◦Admin/counselors/and Laker Time teachers are all working with students with D, F or I to help with math.
◦Ignite book that teachers were given deals with many of the math problems and the way students learn differently now
◦Using money to hire math aides in classes and for math tutoring classes

Money Proposal
•Mr. Hansen made the following proposal’s:
◦Use some of the money for math coaches and to send teachers out for training. 
◦Send teachers out to schools with the same demographics to see how they are working on the problems – and pay for the teachers subs.
◦We would like to buy 2 more Smartboards for the six classrooms along with Smartboard training.
◦Andrea Woodring in the Media Center proposed a new program for the media center.  Digital textbooks built for the school with digital content.  We have the equipment – just need money for the books.  Andrea has rights so we will not have the same problem that the school district did with the Kindle.  Andrea proposed $2000.00 for the purchase of online books.

$12,000 – Smartboards
 $25,000 - Math
 $2,000 – Books for Media Center
 Art proposed this amount to the Community Council
 Raquelle Johnson 2nd, all agreed.

Next Year
•Mr. Hansen would like to work with reading next year and the struggling readers.
•Writing needs work also.  We have a writing rubric and we are working with teachers to continue their education along with the student’s education.

Meeting adjourned
 Next meeting will be January 19th, 2012 at 3:00pm in the Media Center

Chareyl Moyes welcomed and began introductions

Introductions:  Deborah Neal, Leesa Valdez, Colleen Henstra, Make Martersteck, Sally Lewis, Shantel Chatelain, Mr. Hansen, Teddie Endow (visitor), Raquelle Johnson, Tom Marcheschi, Nathan Toll, Cindy Marcussen (visitor)

 Mr. Hansen reviewed the election process and the new members were introduced.  Election was held for 3 days – August 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 2011.  August 22nd was back to school night.

 Mr. Hansen reviewed last year’s goals and projected spending.

Landtrust videos were shown and discussed.

USTARR Grant: 
•We weren’t sure if we would receive the USTARR Grant this year.  It was approved for another year so we did receive it. 
•Reboot was not approved through USTARR but may continue through Trustlands.  Reboot is the Algebra 2 class at a slower pace.

Mr. Hansen reviewed the teacher buy-out program.  Teacher buy-outs are designed to reduce class sizes in the critical areas of mathematics and language arts. 
 KSL school grading system:
• Legislature will also be grading the schools. 
•The UPASS, AYP and AP scores were all reviewed from Bonneville High School and other schools throughout the state.  Amongst many of the problems with the system it was noted that WSU Concurrent Enrollment students are not included and that hurts us as a school.  Our score was 66 of 83 and Mr. Hansen recognized that our math and science scores are low.  We are working hard in both math and science areas to improve.

AYP Results: 
•40 categories in all. 
•We received 20/20 on the test in Language Arts. 
•100% of the students tested.
• Mathematics received 18/20. 
•According to AYP standards we still failed.

AP Teachers:  This year all AP teachers will go to an AP conference or they will visit with an AP colleague with a high pass rate. 

UPASS:  Math progress results were 119% which is not at level.  This is an area we must improve.   Language Arts proficiency scores were 87%.  This puts us above district and at state level. 

Math Results:
•Mr. Hansen sent out a questionnaire to all of the math teachers.  The teachers responded to his questions which were available for review.
• Mr. Hansen will have the District math specialists come in and meet with all math teachers to go over recommendations and work together on solutions for math scores and grades.  
•The common core math for next year is divided between our incoming Jr. High schools so we are going to work with the district and try to get them combined by this semester.
•The committee discussed the attitude of parents and students towards math and recognized that we need to change everyone’s attitude and be more accepting of math.  Students should not transfer out just because they don’t like it or think it is too hard.  Parents also need to help us with these decisions.  We are too quick to take students out of math classes or hold them back for easier classes.

Mr. Hansen asked for the committee’s approval on the book purchase, Ignite Student Learning, for all teachers.  This book was chosen by Mr. Hansen and Andrea Woodring, our media specialists.  Purchase price was $1300.00.  This was approved by the committee.  Teachers will report back on chapter 1 in their October professional development training. 

Our next Community Council meeting will be November 17, 2011 at 3:00pm in the media center.


Chareyl Moyes welcomed everyone.

Present:  Mr. Hansen, Chareyl Moyes, Shantel Chatelain, Raquelle Johnson, Colleen Henstra, Tracee Kemp, Andrea Woodring, Sally Lewis, Tom Marcheschi, Deborah Neal, Sue Hill.  Visitors:  Cindy Marcussen (parent), Mrs. Jarvis and son Braydon Jarvis (parent/student.)

Shantel Chatelain reviewed the minutes from last meeting.

Mr. Hansen reviewed the current math situations:
•We have hired two math tutors to help during Laker Time and Friday mornings.
•We will have a sign-up sheet for the tutors, teachers can refer them down, and students are welcome to go on their own.
◦Deborah brought up the fact that WSU will provide free tutors from the math program if we are interested.  Deborah will send us more info on that.
◦We will do a post-test assessment to see how well it is working
•We did a teacher buy-out for the re-boot math.  Becky Olsen will hold smaller classes for students that did not pass 1st and 2nd quarter
•Math teachers will be doing their visits to other schools to compare and take notes on similar situations that can help us improve.
•Other options will be looked at to target students who are close to proficiency. 

Mr. Hansen reviewed funds to be spent:
•Smart Boards:  2 in math and 2 in science
•Smart Slates:  English teachers will pilot
•Funds will be used to send English teachers on visits to other schools to compare and take notes on similar situations to help us improve overall.
•AP English classes will be divided next year.  BHS will offer an AP Language for Juniors and an AP Literature for Seniors.

Mr. Hansen reviewed the March 15th budget proposal:
•Mr. Hansen will submit the plan proposal and we will all receive an e-mail copy to review.
◦$20,000 salary buyouts
◦$30,000 equipment leases
◦$2,000 professional development books
◦Carry over for next year

Math was reviewed by the council for next year:
•We will need new textbooks with our new program but the District will pay for books through a textbook adoption within the next few years.
•SOJH offered common core math this year.  The SOJH students will take Math 10 while T.H. Bell did not implement the common core and will have to also offer Geometry/Algebra II for the incoming sophomores from T.H. Bell.  If you are in the common core (as a Freshman) you will stay.  If you are not in the common core you will take traditional courses.

Questions and Concerns:
 Schedule for next year:
•Schedule for next year is still unknown.  We will get numbers and begin working on the schedule for April/May
•9th grade class coming up is much smaller
•Mr. Hansen went over all of the upcoming events and amazing things going on at BHS
◦High School Musical
◦New football coach
◦School store will now be open on A days and B days
◦GBB and BBB having an excellent season
◦Classroom teachers will be working on putting out online opportunities
◦Writing contest through the Media Center
◦Sterling Scholars
◦Landon Weeks $10,000 donation to different groups within BHS
◦Career Day on Feb. 1st.

The Community Council viewed the video Earning for Education provided by the School Land Trust Committee.