Parents and students, 

First and foremost, I hope that your family is safe and has avoided any major damage from the wind storm. As you have likely seen, our school has suffered some significant tree loss, as well as some downed power lines in the area. Our district has responded swiftly to address our most critical needs as far as tree repairs for the safety for our students and employees. I appreciate them for this. However, there is still some concern with the area leading into the school for students driving to school, parents dropping off students, buses accessing our campus, and students who have to walk to school. This includes the power lines that are still under repair from Rocky Mountain Power as well as a few additional trees around campus. The building itself is in great condition and fully functional, but students arriving and being able to access the full campus remains our top safety concern. It is important to provide a fully functioning campus, and at this point, that is not possible with the property damage.

Due to our safety concerns, students will not be able to come to campus Thursday. We do plan to hold classes tomorrow, however we are going to have to do so digitally. We have been given the opportunity to try a digital instruction day and show that we are ready for this. We have an incredibly capable group of educators that I know will excel in this challenge. I believe they are ready to take this on.  

For class, tomorrow is an A-day and we will hold periods 1-4. Students will be asked to log into a Google Meet with their specific teacher at a specific time. This will avoid conflicts with students trying to connect with different teachers. We are going to take this one day at a time and will notify you each day as to how we will proceed and when students will be able to return to campus.

Teachers will be placing their Google Meet link on the class CANVAS page. Students should check that page to enter the Google Meet with their teacher during their specified period.

Class periods are 45 minutes long, which will include instructional time and any questions that may arise. There will then be a 15 minute transitional period for students and teachers to take a break, then return for the next class period. We are going to start classes at 8:30am.

Keep in mind, this is not expected to mirror the classroom setting, but we want to make sure we stay in contact with the students. All materials covered in these instructional sessions are considered class materials and students are expected to complete any assigned work.

Here is the schedule for tomorrow:

1st period: 8:30am - 9:15am

2nd period: 9:30am - 10:15am  

3rd period: 10:30am - 11:15am 

4th period: 11:30am - 12:15pm  

All students who are normally online should plan to join their teachers Google Meet tomorrow for instruction. This is a great chance to remain connected with the class and keep moving forward on the appropriate timeline. For any additional online help, teachers are available from 1:00pm - 1:45pm through their normal online help avenue. Contact the teacher to schedule that help.

In addition, we are seeing many students unable to access their WSD accounts. This is attributed to students not yet signing their AUP. Students need to go to and complete that form. This should immediately fix the situation.  

Thank you all for your support through yet another exciting event this year. We are going to continue moving forward and make this year great. Please reach out if there are questions, first starting directly with the teachers, then to administration if it is a bigger concern. We appreciate you more than you know and hope to see you all back on campus soon.

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