February has the fewest days of any month of the year. At Bonneville we pack an awful lot into those 28
days. This month we have our parent teacher conferences set for February 21 st . PTC’s will begin at 1:00
p.m. and run up to 7:00 p.m. Teachers will start the conferences in the upper and lower decks and then
at 4:00 p.m. we will have the teachers grab a lunch and make their way to their respective classrooms to
finish out our conference schedule. The admin team will be out and about helping any parent find
classrooms if you arrive after 4:00 p.m. This is our last conference schedule this year, please come out
and meet your students’ second semester teachers. We are also offering a PTC card for attendance
credit. If students receive 5 signatures from their teachers, they can turn the card in and 0.25
attendance credit will be restored. Students can pick up the card from the office any day leading up to
and including the day of the conferences. Come out and visit our wonderful faculty and staff.

At Bonneville we have had some great events go on this winter. Our swim and wrestling teams were
awesome. We want to congratulate the student athletes, coaches and all involved with another great
season. Our basketball teams are going strong and are still competing for a spot in the state
tournament. Our ever growing debate team is representing well and it’s nice to have debate competing
at such a high level. Our cheer and drill teams have had their region and state competitions. Cheer
became region and state champs. Our drill team won region and will compete early this month in state.
Cheer and drill have put so much time and effort into their seasons, it’s great to see all of their
accomplishments. Congrats to both groups for all of their time and energy this season.

Our concerts, performances and art displays are in full swing. Orchestra, choir and our art department
have been knocking it out of the park. We had students earn the right to present at the Springville art
festival, and our production of The Crucible beings the first part of February. Our clubs and crews are
gearing up for their competitions this month. We wish all of them the best as they have the chance to
display their talents. Every day we have something going on at Bonneville. The increased spirit and
energy permeates through the building. Our students are so talented, it’s a pleasure getting to work
with them every day.

February marks the beginning of our election process for 2018-19 SBO’s and class officers. We also
begin thinking about our spring sports and performances. Make sure your students are on track grade
wise to be eligible for spring events. Our third quarter ends March 16 th . We also begin thinking about
next year’s schedule. I hope your students have taken advantage of our Anchor Time period this year.
Our passing grades are up and our students on track is improving as well. We plan to keep and improve
our Anchor Time period for next year.

One area we are still are working on and need your help is our daily attendance. If you could talk to
your student about the importance of being in school we would greatly appreciate it. We want all of our
students to take advantage of the opportunities that being in school provides. Lakers truly are great and
it’s been great working with and supporting each student as this year has progressed. I hope to see
you all at our Parent Teacher Conference night on the 21 st . Have a great rest of the month of February.

Larry Hadley

Admiral Bonneville High School

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