Admiral's Letter - November 2017


Our first full month of school is now in our rearview mirror, what a great month. We ended our month
just as strongly as we started it, with our Parent Teacher Conference night. I would like to thank all of
those that were able to come and visit with us on that night as well as our Community Night. I
appreciate the kind words and support we received. The last day of the first quarter will be October
26 th . Please remind your student to keep “On Track” with their work and their credits. We are going to
be giving out our reward shirts again this year. Any student who achieves a 3.0 or above with no ‘N’s” or
“U’s” on their report card and their attendance credit loss is not over 0.75 we are going to give them a
spirit T shirt with their grade theme on it. Last year we gave out over 800 shirts, this year we hope to
crack the 1,000 mark.

To kick off October our teachers will have their safety training on October 2 nd . We have state soccer
coming up this month along with state football, state golf and state cross country along with continued
volleyball action. We want to recognize our girl’s tennis team who had three singles players make the
state tournament this year. Our teams are representing Bonneville very well. Our Anchor Time period is
off to a great start and we will begin our second quarter registration towards the middle of the month.
Remember October 19 th and 20 th there is not school for our fall break. Also October 27 th will be a
professional learning day for teachers. For students, there is no school October 27 th . We will cap off
October with our Red Ribbon Week that runs October 30 th through November 3 rd . One last date to
remember parents is our PSAT test date, which will be Saturday, October 14 th . For more information of
that test and date you can contact our counseling department.

Just to touch on our community night, we had a great night with our Hope Squad and our community
booths and keynote speaker. The night focused on hope and help for those dealing with the issue of
suicide. As a cone, we are working towards “Being Someone’s Miracle”. We want every student in our
cone to know the value that they bring to themselves, their classmates, and those in our community.
Everyone is important. Everyone has value. We want to make sure all of our students recognize their
value and potential. It’s awesome to work with such amazing people in each school in our cone. Great
things are happening across the cone.

Parents, it’s such a pleasure to be the Admiral here at Bonneville High School. You have all been highly
supportive of the things we are trying to do here at Bonneville. All I can say is thank you, and my hope is
to continue building more success for the month of October. Have a great month everyone!

Larry Hadley

Admiral Bonneville High School

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