Admiral's Letter - August 2018


“Together We Can”

Hello Bonneville Community. I wanted to use this first Admiral’s Letter to introduce myself to those of you who do not know me. I am Brock Mitchell and I am honored and humbled to be stepping into the role as principal at Bonneville. I have so much respect for the leaders who have come before me at this school and know the standards that have been set. Bonneville has given me the chance to grow as an administrator in the four years I spent here as an assistant principal and this is a place I love to be. Prior to administration, I taught math at Fremont High, Orion Junior High, and Coronado High School in my hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada. I have coached volleyball for 16 years at many levels and know the benefits that come with students getting involved in extracurricular activities. My goal is to help every student find a passion and learn how to find fulfillment through that interest. I believe Bonneville provides that opportunity for every student.

As an administrative team this year, Ms. Spiers, Ms. Patton, Mr. Shulz and I want the students, parents, and community members to know that we are committed to doing everything in our powers to make Bonneville a place where students feel confident, comfortable, successful, engaged, and safe. We want the communities of Washington Terrace, South Ogden, Riverdale, and Uintah to feel like Bonneville is a hub within the area and trust that the students walking our halls are well taken care of. Know that our doors are always open and we want to know the pulse of the school. We want community members at our games, attending our plays and concerts, and spending time on our campus. The more people who have a role within our school, the better opportunities our students will have to find inclusion, acceptance, friendship, and camaraderie. Find a role for yourself in our school. We need you.

At the top of this letter, notice the phrase “Together We Can.” We have adopted this as the cone theme this year. Up to this point, I hope you get the feel that we need everyone to be successful. We need to do this “Together”. There is no limit to what can be done. But together, whatever we set out sites on, it can be done. So with that, Bonneville High School needs to be so much more than the property the school sits on. Bonneville High School is the parents, students, family members, and patrons that make up the area. You are all Lakers! Because Once a Laker, Always a Laker!

Brock Mitchell

Admiral Bonneville High School