Admiral's Letter - August 2018


“Together We Can”

Hello Bonneville Community. I wanted to use this first Admiral’s Letter to introduce myself to those of you who do not know me. I am Brock Mitchell and I am honored and humbled to be stepping into the role as principal at Bonneville. I have so much respect for the leaders who have come before me at this school and know the standards that have been set. Bonneville has given me the chance to grow as an administrator in the four years I spent here as an assistant principal and this is a place I love to be. Prior to administration, I taught math at Fremont High, Orion Junior High, and Coronado High School in my hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada. I have coached volleyball for 16 years at many levels and know the benefits that come with students getting involved in extracurricular activities. My goal is to help every student find a passion and learn how to find fulfillment through that interest. I believe Bonneville provides that opportunity for every student.

As an administrative team this year, Ms. Spiers, Ms. Patton, Mr. Shulz and I want the students, parents, and community members to know that we are committed to doing everything in our powers to make Bonneville a place where students feel confident, comfortable, successful, engaged, and safe. We want the communities of Washington Terrace, South Ogden, Riverdale, and Uintah to feel like Bonneville is a hub within the area and trust that the students walking our halls are well taken care of. Know that our doors are always open and we want to know the pulse of the school. We want community members at our games, attending our plays and concerts, and spending time on our campus. The more people who have a role within our school, the better opportunities our students will have to find inclusion, acceptance, friendship, and camaraderie. Find a role for yourself in our school. We need you.

At the top of this letter, notice the phrase “Together We Can.” We have adopted this as the cone theme this year. Up to this point, I hope you get the feel that we need everyone to be successful. We need to do this “Together”. There is no limit to what can be done. But together, whatever we set out sites on, it can be done. So with that, Bonneville High School needs to be so much more than the property the school sits on. Bonneville High School is the parents, students, family members, and patrons that make up the area. You are all Lakers! Because Once a Laker, Always a Laker!

Brock Mitchell

Admiral Bonneville High School


August has arrived and we are almost ready to roll!  We are so excited to start our new school year.  We have some fantastic new teachers joining our staff this year and we also have added a new Vice Principal to our ranks.  We welcome you out to our Back to School Night on August 18th from 3:00pm to 6:30pm.  You will have the chance to meet all of our fine faculty and staff that evening and also have a chance to talk with our new administrative team.  Please join us on August 18th.    

Parents, registration will be August 10th. I hope you received our reminder post card.  If you didn’t, here is the important information concerning registration:

                 12TH GRADE REGISTRATION:  7:30am – 9:30am

                        11TH GRADE REGISTRATION:  10:00am – 11:45am

                        10TH GRADE REGISTRATION:  12:30pm – 2:30pm


Pictures for the yearbook and for student activity cards (required for admittance to all school sponsored activities, paying of fees and purchasing school lunch) will be taken on registration day (August 10th).  You must meet the school dress code to have your picture taken – no tank tops or hats!  You must pay for picture packets at that time.  Please make checks payable to Bell Photography.  No money will be accepted at Bonneville for picture packets. Remember we will be having a sophomore orientation at noon in our auditorium prior to sophomore registration.  Encourage your sophomore students to attend our orientation.  We will also be holding a stomp on the evening of August 10th for all Bonneville students.  Student who are not attending Bonneville will not be admitted.  The stomp will run from 7:00pm-8:30pm.

We encourage all of our students to display their I.D. badges.  This will get them through our lunch lines quicker and our student I.D.’s are used in many ways throughout our school.  We will be introducing three themes this year for our students.  Our sophomore class we want to “Catch the Wave”, our junior class should “Ride the Wave”, and our theme for the year will be to “Light the Way”.  Students in each grade can earn themselves a T-Shirt with their grade level theme by achieving a 3.0 GPA, having no “N’s” or “U’s” on their citizenship and having no attendance credit loss.  We want all of our students to earn their shirts by utilizing their class time and their RIGR time that we have added in each class each week on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  This time will give teachers a chance to assess learning, see what standards have been achieved and what standards need more attention per student.  We want to work together to give every student every chance to succeed, and we want all of our students to take advantage of those opportunities. 

We had a fantastic start with our Bonneville cone project last year.  I have met with all cone leaders in the Bonneville cone.  Our theme for this year in our cone is “Every Student Matters”.  The cone will be focusing on two things, identifying students earlier who need to recover ninth grade credits before they enter high school, which will increase our graduation rate, and we will be working with reading and writing programs between our secondary schools and our elementary schools.  We realize that we need to be invested not just in the year we see the students but invested in the student each and every year of their education journey through the Bonneville cone.  We are excited to work within our cone and to work with all of our stakeholders in our area.  This is a great area with great students and together we can make a huge difference in our student outcomes and learning abilities. 

I’d like to take this time to thank our district personnel who have worked with us over the summer to improve our building. I would also like to thank all of our custodial staff that helped keep our building clean this summer.  We’ve added a lane to our track and resurfaced it, our parking areas have been resurfaced, our upper deck and lower decks received new materials and carpet, and we have added some new touches inside of our hallways.  We still have some improvements to do, but things are moving in the right direction.  It has been such a pleasure to be able to be the Principal, “Admiral” at Bonneville, I look forward to working with our students as we begin school August 23rd.   We have such a wonderful community and such supportive stakeholders and the support we receive from the district makes a world of difference.  Bonneville is a great school, that’s why we are so excited to get back to school to see what wonderful things our students have in store for us. 

See you all very soon!

Larry Hadley


Our first full month of school is now in our rearview mirror. What a great month!  We ended the month just as strongly as we started it, culminating with our Parent Teacher Conference night.  I would like to thank all of those students and parents that were able to come and visit with us.  I appreciate the kind words and support we received.  The last day of the first quarter will be October 27th.  Please remind your student to stay “On Track” with their work and their credits.  We are going to be giving out our reward shirts again this year.  Any student who achieves a 3.0 or above with no N’s or U’s on their report card and their attendance credit loss is not over 0.75 will be eligible for a reward. We are going to give them a spirit T shirt with their grade theme on it.  Last year we gave out over 800 shirts, this year we hope to crack the 1,000 mark.    

Besides Parent Teacher Conferences, we had a lot of exciting things go on at our school.  We had students achieve some great individual accolades and our teams, groups and clubs have represented us extremely well.  All Lakers in Laker Nation should be proud.  As great as September was, October holds even more in store.  Our Homecoming week will be October 10th - 14th.  In conjunction with our Homecoming parade on October 10th, we will be having a spaghetti dinner with all proceeds going to help students who suffered losses during the recent tornado.  Please come out to the parade and then enjoy a dinner while helping our community.  

Parents, one upcoming date to remember is October 5th.  We will be having our community night at T.H. Bell.  That night starts at 6:00pm and goes until 7:30pm.   We appreciate the work and effort our junior high partners have put into this event.  Another important date includes our state community council training on October 12th.  Bonneville will be hosting the event so if you would like to know more about community councils, come on out on the 12th.  The meeting begins at 6:00 pm.  The fall break is October 20-21 with the end of the quarter on the 27th.  October 28th teachers will be participating in a professional development day.  Make sure to check our website for more calendar events and dates.  Our website will list all homecoming activities.     

Our fall sports teams will be entering their respective state tournaments.  Our girls’ tennis, cross country, girls’ soccer, volleyball, football, boys’ golf are all having impressive seasons.  Come on out and support our teams as they represent our school.  If you haven’t seen our changes for this year at our school come on out and look at our new flooring in the upper and lower decks.  We have hung new signage with the administration theme for the year.  Our theme this year is “Every Student Matters!”  It has been great working with our cone leaders to see the increase in student awareness.  I also want to remind you of our anonymous tip line, Safe UT, which is listed on the front page of our website.  We want every student to be safe.  This is a great way for students to reach out to us.  

Parents, it’s such a pleasure to be the Admiral here at Bonneville High School.  You have all been highly supportive of the things we are trying to do here at Bonneville.  All I can say is thank you and my hope is to continue building on success for the month of October.  Have a great month everyone!  

Larry Hadley


It is so nice to have the students back in the building. The energy they bring, their ideas, thoughts and laughs radiate through the building. We have had a great start to our 2016-17 school year. Our building has gone through some modifications this summer that are just finishing up. Our upper deck and surrounding hallways have received new tile and new flooring. The new material on the upper deck has a cleaner look to it and has brightened up our deck area. Our new carpeting for our lower deck ties in our poles and new paint around the building. We have our new banners hanging around the building promoting our cone theme “Every Student Matters”, and we will have our graduation pledge hung again out front by our mission statement. If you haven’t had a chance to see our new improvements, please come by during our Parent Teacher Conference night this month on the 28 th . We will hold our PTC’s in our upper and lower deck area, we look forward to seeing you on the 28 th from 1:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. For other events throughout the month of September please check the calendar of events on the front page of our web site,

Besides all of the events going on we have some great initiatives taking place inside the school. We have been working with all of our cone elementary schools and our junior highs to instill a sense of cone awareness for each and every student. This past year our cone was able to increase the graduation rate, increase the number of ninth grade student entering on track for high school, and our elementary schools witnessed vast improvements in reading and in math. There is some great work going on in every school in our cone. This year we are going to continue to have cone goals. We are targeting a graduation rate of 91%, which is a five percent increase over our rate two years ago. We have also targeted more improvements with our junior high students on track, and our elementary schools goals coincide with math and reading proficiency levels. Along with these cone goals, we all have the goal of increasing school attendance. We improved last year to a hair over 92% attendance. We are targeting a 94% attendance rate for this school year. We can use your help in this endeavor. Please talk with your student about coming to school and when at school to be on time. Your help is the best help we can receive to achieve our academic goals for this year.

Parents I want to thank all of those that are participating with our PTSA and our community council. These two groups provide a valuable service for our students and for all stakeholders. We want to support our PTSA and the reflections contest, this is a great way for our students to showcase their talents. At this time I want to thank our custodial staff. They have done a fantastic job with our grounds. The football field and all of our fields look great. We are excited for the improvements that have taken place in and outside of the building. I’m so happy with the start of our school year, I can’t express my gratitude enough for the wide felt support we have felt from the community.

September is upon us, was a busy month for all of our stakeholders here at Bonneville. I hope we all have a great month. Please enjoy your Labor Day break, if you are traveling, travel safe. See you all out to our parent teacher conference night, if not sooner at one of our many activities. We are off and running here at Bonneville High School.

Larry Hadley


Our first quarter has come to a close. What a quarter! Our second quarter has started and we have

more activities, games, shows and events planned to showcase our students’ talents and abilities. Our

fall sports will wrap up with the state volleyball tournament on November 3 rd and 5 th and our winter

sports will begin the following Monday. Our first theatrical release will be this month as “Almost Maine”

opens up. This month we are also going to give out our grade level T-shirts for achieving a 3.0 GPA or

above, having no U’s or N’s in citizenship and for not being over 0.75 in attendance credit loss., during

the first quarter. Shirts will be given out the third week of November. If your student did not earn their

grade level T-shirt, the second quarter opens up a clean slate to do so. We want all LAKERS to earn their



Parents our first quarter ended on a Profession Learning Day for our teachers. We had three great

sessions of training. We were able to go over “Hitting the Refresh Button”, “Outside the Box Teaching”

and our third session focused on “Rigor and Relevance”. The overall theme of our professional

development was to bring back energy and excitement to our teaching. We compared the video game

“Pong” to the video games our kids play today. We want to make sure we have no “pong” teaching

going on in a visual reality gaming world. It was a great morning of training, we are trying to improve

each and every time to meet to serve you and our students better.


Our next professional development day is scheduled for January 13 th . Parents this day will be used to

make up the day of school that we missed due to clean up work during the severe weather storm our

area suffered in September. We will be holding a half day of school on January 13 th . It will be a

scheduled A day. We will then start the new quarter following the observance of Martin Luther King Jr.

Day, on Tuesday January 17 th . That day, January 17 th will also be an A day. We will be taking attendance

on the makeup day January 13 th and we have asked our teachers to use the day as a recovery and

remediation day for all students for grades pertaining to the second quarter and to get a jump on our

second semester. We appreciate your understanding and help on this day to make sure all of our

students benefit from this makeup half day of school.


We have a great quarter of school ahead of us. I want to thank you for the continued support of our

school. It’s “Great to be a Laker”! We have updated our technology and we will shortly be posting

speakers and events from our assemblies on our website along with our calendar of events. Also, if you

get a chance this quarter please notice our new fabric banners in our auditorium that have our school

hymn words listed. We are re-committing to our school hymn and to bringing back the long standing

positive outlook that Bonneville students and all Lakers have. Thanks again for all you do, I am humbled

to serve as the Admiral of Bonneville High School.

Highest Regards,


Larry Hadley

Admiral Bonneville High School