Bonneville High School

11th Grade Course Selection

For a full listing of all classes refer to the Course Guide.

example: John Hancock (First Last)

You must have an English, Math, Science and History course.  Please select the available classes from the drop-down menu. This will be 4 of your 8 credits.

ONLY select an Elective Science here if you have met your core science requirement and DID NOT select a core science above
Select if you chose Astronomy or Environmental Science

Select a combination of courses from the dropdown menus below.  These courses should add up to 4.0 credits.  It is suggested that you select courses that will fulfill graduation requirements such as US Gov & Cit.  Also, pay attention to pre-requisite courses for Pathways that you are interested in.

Agricultural Education PathwaysFamily and Consumer Sciences Pathways, Health Pathways, Information Technology Pathways, Skills and Technical Science PathwaysTechnology and Engineering Pathways

Please note that when registering, LDS Seminary is considered a 1.0 credit class, but it DOES NOT give any credit towards graduation.


ONLY select if you chose a .50 course above
ONLY select if you chose a .50 course above
ONLY select if you chose a .50 course above
ONLY select if you chose a .50 course above
You MUST have 8.0 credits to submit request.


**CHANGE in FLEX!! Percussion has been moved from FLEX to the regular schedule. Intermediate Guitar has been added as a FLEX only class for the first semester.

If you would like to select Percussion, choose it from one of the drop-downs above. If you would like Intermediate Guitar, select it here.


ONLY select if you would like Int Guitar, Creative Writing, or Debate. Also, if you would like Seminary during your FLEX period, select it here only if it is NOT one of your 8 courses selected above.
If you do not know your parent's email, use

Review all the options to be sure there are no further changes.

Once you are comfortable with ALL your choices and you the credits equal 8.0, you may Submit them to counseling.