2013-2014 Policies and Procedures

Bonneville High School Policies and Procedures 2013-2014


Activity/ID Card
Students are encouraged to participate in the many activities sponsored by Bonneville High School. Upon payment for the activity fees, students receive an activity card with their picture on it. This card entitles the student to attend many of the school functions held during the year at free or reduced rates. It must be used only by the person to whom it is issued. If, for some reason, your activity card is lost, application for a duplicate should be made in the main office at a cost of $3.00. The picture I.D. card is also used for checking out library books, identification for the school lunch program, entrance to school extra-curricular activities, and paying the bookkeeper. All students enrolled at Bonneville High School will wear their identification badge attached to a lanyard or plastic clip (lanyard or plastic clip will be provided at no-cost once). The ID badge must be displayed waist-up.
As a result of reviewing safety and security procedures at Bonneville High School, effective February 1, 2013, all staff and students are required to wear I.D. badges at all times during school. In addition to helping to provide a safe environment for staff and students, all outside visitors are required to report to the office to obtain temporary ID badges.
Identification badges are a central part of Bonneville High's efforts to provide all students with a safe, caring and orderly learning environment. There are NO EXCEPTIONS. Student identification badges are required, as followed, but is not limited to the following:
1. With hall pass.
2. To identify oneself in the halls.
3. Lunch program.
4. For use with the book-keeper.
5. To check in and out of school at the attendance office.

* Identification badges are not transferable.
* ID badges may not be damaged, marked on, or changed in any manner.
* Only the current year ID badges may be worn. No ID badges from a previous year, other school,
or other student's ID badges may be worn.
* If your ID badge is lost, stolen, mutilated or damaged, please let the office know immediately.
Temporary ID badges are available in the writing lab if a student forgets or misplaces their ID. Temporary ID's
will expire at the end of the day.
It is expected that if the student forgets or misplaces their ID, they will go to the writing lab on their own accord
and secure a temporary one and then return it to the writing lab at the end of the day or until they are issued a
new ID badge. If a student secures a temporary badge without being asked to by a staff member, it will not
count against them in relation to the consequences listed below for ID policy infractions.
Consequences for Infractions of ID policy:
1st violation: Warning. Student is issued a temporary ID for the day.
2nd violation: Warning. Student is issued a temporary ID for the day.
3rd violation: Warning. Student is issued a temporary ID for the day. Parent contacted.
4th violation: Warning. Student is issued a temporary ID for the day. Parent contacted.
5th violation: Suspension. Parent contacted.
The student will be suspended for one day. Any subsequent violation of the ID badge policy will result in extended periods of suspension from school.


Assemblies are planned to be educational, informative and entertaining. Please be prompt to assemblies and stay during the entire performance. Proper conduct includes being respectful, not talking or whistling during the programs, not leaving during programs and not putting your feet on the chairs in the auditorium. The cafeteria is available for students not wanting to attend an assembly.
The Bonneville High School awards program is intended to recognize each student who has made an
outstanding achievement. There are seven basic awards: (Students need to contact Judy Whitby to ensure
inclusion in the awards assembly.)
The Gold "B" Award is given to students who have won a first place in an individual region or area
competition. This award includes a certificate plus a Gold "B" pin.
The Anchor "B" Award is the highest award given. This award is given to the students who have won a first
place in individual state or national competition.
The Blue "B" is an award that includes a certificate plus an academic award. To receive this award a student
must earn at least a 3.8 grade point average for six terms or more while at Bonneville. The students qualifying
for this award will receive a certificate plus a Blue "B" pin.
The White "B" Award is a service award based on cumulative points earned over a three year period. A copy of
the point system may be obtained from the Student Body Officers.
Presidential Academic Award is based on an ACT score of 25 or higher and a GPA of 3.5 or higher in grades 9th
through third term of 12th grade.
Citizenship Award: Seniors that have had exemplary citizenship while at Bonneville High School will be
nominated for this award in the 4th quarter of their senior year.
White Tassel Award is earned by receiving a cumulative GPA of 3.7 or higher in grades 9th through third term
of 12th grade. (GPA's are not rounded up.)
Attendance/Attendance Credit Loss
Consistent attendance is important to a student's educational success. Parents, we ask for your help in
monitoring and encouraging the attendance of your child. Please call the attendance office within 5 days of the
absence at 452-4061 (24 hours) to excuse a student's absence for illness, appointments, or emergencies. No
written excuses will be accepted. Parents must call the attendance office within five days in order to allow
the student to make up missed work. Special arrangements need to be made in the case of prolonged or
prearranged absences. If a student's illness causes him/her to be absent more than four consecutive days, please
provide a Doctor's note to prevent the absences from counting against his/her attendance credit. Students who
are late to class are marked tardy, if less than 15 minutes late. Students who are 15 minutes late or longer will be
marked absent.
A complete copy of the Weber County School District attendance/citizenship policy is on-line at
www.weber.k12.ut.us under student services. A summary of important items follows:
Attendance credit loss is generated when a student accumulates more than four tardies or four absences in a
class, more than two tardies or two absences in Laker Time class, or more than one administrative truancy in

a quarter. Attendance credit loss greater than .75 must be made up through community service efforts and fines to
be eligible for extracurricular participation and graduation.
To excuse an absence for illness, appointments or emergencies, a parent must call the attendance office at 452-
4061 (24 hr. number) within 5 days of the absence.
Students who arrive late or leave early for appointments or emergencies must check in at the attendance office.
More than four absences in any class (or more than 2 absences in Laker Time) during any term will result in a
loss of .25 units of attendance credit in each class affected.
Allowance may be made for prearranged absences for three or more days.
Truancy is an unexcused absence without parent or teacher/advisor permission.
Leaving class or campus during the school day without checking out is considered truancy, other than during
lunch time. (Prior permission to the student's absence must be obtained and proper checkout through our
attendance secretary must occur; otherwise truancy could be issued.)
Two truancies during any term will result in a loss of .25 units of credit in each class affected and a suspension
could result.
Truancy may result in a zero for any assignments missed that day.
More than four tardies in any class (or more than 2 tardies in Laker Time) during any term will result in a loss
of .25 units of credit in each class affected.
Pre-Arranged Absences
If parents request to have their student excused from school for a reason other than illness or family
emergencies, arrangements may be made in advance. Students pick up and complete a Pre-Arranged Absence
Form from the attendance office to have all of their teachers sign. It must be returned to the attendance office
prior to the absence.
Pre-arranged absences must be a minimum of three days in duration and will not count against
attendance credit.
Attendance Credit Make-Up Options &Procedures
All attendance credit loss over .75 must be made up before graduation and to meet eligibility requirements for
athletics, team events, student aides, student government, and all other activities in which students represent
Bonneville High.
All attendance credit make-up must be pre-approved by the attendance coordinator or an administrator.
Students needing to make up attendance credit loss (student has more than .75 overall credit loss) may be
required to accomplish community service requirements. Each quarter credit (.25) of attendance loss requires
10 hours of community service and a restoration fee of $15. Attendance credit will be reinstated after necessary
fees are paid to the bookkeeper. The receipt for payment of these fees must be attached to the community

service credit sheet/contract obtained from the school attendance secretary. No more than $90 will be assessed
to any student during his/her high school career for attendance credit make-up. All community service must be
selected from Bonneville High's list of approved community service sites or be pre-approved by an
administrator. Community service hours worked at a non-approved site will not count toward attendance credit
make-up. Service hours performed at Bonneville High School will require pre-approval of school
administration and will restore .25 attendance credit for every 5 hours of work done at the school. $15 fine
The criteria for the selection of community service are:
All hours must be pre-approved through the attendance coordinator.
Students may not miss any class time to make up hours. If this is the case, the hours worked while the student
was missing class will not be counted.
Hours worked must be documented on the school's community service form.
Organizations must be non-profit.
Students may not receive pay or any other benefits for hours worked.
Students may not work for their employer, relative, or friend.
Hours worked must be on-site, in the presence of the supervisor, and work cannot be taken home to complete.
Attendance Incentives
There are several attendance credit incentives available to each student. These must be pre-arranged by contract
with the attendance coordinator. Each incentive is accompanied with a $15.00 restoration fee and restores .25
attendance loss (**unless otherwise noted)
- **Clean Quarter - One quarter without losing any attendance credit in all classes restores one
previous quarter of attendance credit loss. Clean quarters must be earned during the year in which they
are used to restore attendance credit loss. For example, a senior can only use clean quarters earned
during their senior year to restore any previous quarters of loss; they cannot use a clean quarter from
their sophomore or junior year during their senior year to restore lost attendance credit.
- **Class – Attendance credit recovery class offered after school. Four sessions will be offered
per year, with each session being 15 total hours. Students may take this class a maximum of twice per
- Ten consecutive school days without any absences or tardies
- **Participation in all three sessions of the PTSA Career Awareness Day
- **Participation in the Goldenwest Run-Walk-Crawl
Cell Phones and Digital Media Devices
The appropriate use of cell phones and other electronic devices will be permitted before and after school hours
and in the hallways during student passing periods as well as in the lunch room during the student's lunch period
only. Because of the risk that these devices may be broken, lost, or stolen, students are discouraged from
bringing them to school. If an extenuating circumstance requires that the device be brought to school, it must
be turned off and stored in lockers, backpacks, or book bags during classroom time. Simply put, they cannot
be seen or heard in the classroom. Use of cell phones for inappropriate reasons while on campus, such as
cheating, sexting, harassment or any use that is inappropriate or disruptive to a positive learning school
environment, will be cause for discipline. Bonneville High School prohibits the use of cell phones and digital
media devices including, but not limited to, (cell phones, headphones, MP3 and CD players, stereos, pagers,

handheld games, cameras, etc.) during class periods for any reasons, unless under the direct supervision of a
teacher for educational purposes, medical, or emergency situations. Students are not permitted to leave class to
use a cell phone or electronic device. It will be considered a violation if the student's cell phone or electronic
device disrupts the class. Phones are available for student use in the Main Office and in the Counseling Center
in case of a school issue or emergency. Students are expected to cooperate in handing over cell phones and
digital media devices when requested.
Upon request, students are not allowed to take out the SIM cards or batteries. Students insisting on doing so are
in violation of "failing to comply" and appropriate action will take place. Students may be suspended for
repetitive violations of this policy and/or related insubordination.
Video cameras, picture cameras, and camera phones are never permitted on campus during school hours, unless
for the authorized purpose of the multimedia class. Video camera, and audio recorder use is strictly prohibited
in the restrooms, locker rooms, and private dressing areas of the school. Game devices and cameras may only
be brought according to the specific guidelines of a teacher. This policy does not apply to the sanctioned use
of digital media devices by students under the direct supervision of their teachers for educational
purposes, medical, or emergency situations. Filming/taking pictures on school campus during school hours
must be under the direction of the multimedia teacher. Violation of the camera policy will require the same
consequences as other electronic devices. In addition, pictures and/or film may also be viewed and deleted
and/or given to the proper authorities if deemed inappropriate by school administrators.
The school is not responsible for lost or broken digital media devices.
The taking or sharing of obscene, pornographic, lewd, illegal, or otherwise inappropriate images or photographs
will not be tolerated. Violations will be referred to law enforcement.
Students bring digital media devices on school property or to school activities at their own risk. The school is
not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged electronic equipment. School officials will do their best to guard and
protect confiscated cell phones or other digital media devices but are not responsible for loss, damage, or theft.
Students are strictly responsible for their own digital media devices. If devices are borrowed or taken and
misused by non-owners, device owners are jointly responsible for the misuse or policy violation(s).
Violation of the Bonneville High School Digital Media Devices Policy gives the school administrator or
designee your consent to search the contents of the device based on reasonable suspicion that it contains
evidence of a violation of school rules or policy.
Violation of the cell phone/electronic device policy will be as follows:
1st offense: Warning: Phone/Digital Media device is returned to the student.
Cell phone/Digital Media device will be taken away and kept in the office until the end of the school day. The
student's name will be recorded and the item may be picked up after school by the student.
2nd offense: Parent/Guardian is required to pick up the Phone/Digital Media device
Cell phone/Digital Media device will be taken away and kept in the office. The student's name will be recorded
and the parent/guardian is required to pick up the item.
3rd offense: Suspension
Cell phone/Digital Media device will be taken away. The student will be suspended for one day and the item
will be returned to the parent/guardian. Any subsequent violation of the digital media device policy will result
in extended periods of suspension from school.

We value academic integrity and do not permit any form of dishonesty, plagiarism or deception that unfairly,
improperly or illegally enhances the grade of an individual, a group assignment or a final grade. Many people
think of plagiarism as copying another's work or borrowing someone else's original ideas.
Terms like "copying", "sharing" or "borrowing" can disguise the seriousness of the offense. You also need to
be careful to distinguish between collaborative assignments assigned by a teacher, such as lab groups.
All of the following are considered plagiarism:
 Turning in someone else's work as your own.
 Copying words or ideas from someone else without giving credit.
 Failing to put a quotation in quotation marks.
 Giving incorrect information about the source of a quotation.
 Changing words, but copying the sentence structure of a source without giving credit.
 Copying so many words or ideas from a source that it makes up the majority of your work whether you
give credit or not.
 To cut and paste work that is not your own and handing it in is plagiarism.
According to U.S. law, the expression of original ideas is considered intellectual property, and is protected by
copyright laws, just like original inventions.
Students whom violate the cheating/plagiarism policy will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action which
may include the canceling of scores and grades.
Classroom Parties
Classroom parties are not permitted because they encroach upon instruction time and interfere with the cleaning
and maintenance process and the learning environment.
Students are expected to behave in a manner that will be a credit to themselves, their family and Bonneville
High School whether at school or at school sponsored activities. They should take pride in their dress, language,
and how they treat others. They are expected to treat others with respect and to be truthful and honest. They are
expected to be polite to other students and staff members, and avoid unruly or confrontational behavior.
Abusive or verbal conduct toward students and staff members such as; verbal or physical threats, harassment,
profanity, intimidation, gestures, or physical contact such as pushing, physically assaulting or fighting, or
inappropriate displays of affection, will not be tolerated and could lead to suspension/removal from Bonneville
High School.
Controlled Substances
The use or possession of tobacco, intoxicants or any other controlled substance of any kind is prohibited on
school property, or in any building owned or operated by the Board of Education. The use or possession of any
of the above substances is prohibited off the school grounds at a school activity, function or event as well.
Infraction of rules will lead to mandatory Juvenile Court citations being issued or referral to proper authorities.
Suspension from school and/or referral to Weber County Drug and Alcohol Assessment may also occur.
(Refer to Weber School District Safe School Policy.) Counseling and Guidance
Counseling and Guidance services are available to every student. These services include, but are not limited to,
the Student Educational Occupational Plan (SEOP) and help with home, school and social concerns a student
wishes to discuss with a counselor. Students wanting to meet with a counselor should come to the counseling
center to schedule an appointment. The Career Center is located in the Laker Lighthouse to assist students in
wise educational and career choices.
Credit Recovery
In order to help students failing classes make up credit in a timely manner, Bonneville High School has
instituted the Credit Recovery Program. Here's how it works. If a student fails a class, the teacher will give the
student the opportunity to make up the class during the NEXT QUARTER. The student must pick up the
"Credit Recovery Form" from their teacher or in the Counseling Office, pay the $35 make-up fee at the
bookkeeper's office, take the receipt/form to the teacher, and then the teacher will outline the work that needs to
be done to earn a passing grade and credit. In some cases, it may only be a few important tasks the student
missed that resulted in the failing grade. Other students may have to make up a large amount of class work if
they were dramatically below standard in the class. In either case, the teachers direct the student to learn what
they missed during the quarter. If a student is within 15% of passing a class, the credit recovery option should
be taken advantage of. If the student performed far below passing standards in the class, the teacher/counselor
should direct the student to another option for credit make-up. If the student satisfactorily completes the work
the teacher directs him/her to do, in the time allotted, a "P" (Pass) will be issued and credit granted. The
original "F" grade earned remains on the student's transcript. The student must take the credit recovery
form/receipt to the teacher no later than two (2) weeks after receiving the final grade. The student will also
have a deadline of two (2) weeks from the time they receive the work from the teacher to complete it. Teachers
may work with individual students in regard to this deadline, but that teacher must inform the assigned
counselor of the extension of time. Credit recovery will not be available to make up 4th quarter failing grades
due to summer vacation. If the make-up work is not done satisfactorily or not done on time, no credit will be
given and the credit recovery registration fee will be forfeited. The school-wide message is...Students: Why
not pass the class the first time around?
Bonneville High School has both crews and groups for student activities. Crews are organizations directly
related to the school curriculum. All crews and groups must have a school advisor, selected by the principal.
With groups, the advisor will monitor all meetings held on school premises but does not participate in any
activity or discussion of the group. Groups are not directly related to the curriculum and are initiated by
students enrolled at Bonneville. Groups are not sponsored or supported by the school or district but are
recognized for purposes of granting a place within Bonneville High School to meet during non-instructional
time. Groups will not be represented in the yearbook nor can they represent the school in any school functions
such as homecoming parades. Groups are not permitted to make announcements. Rules and regulations for
both crews and groups are available in the office. Each crew or group must have a charter and a parental
agreement signature giving permission for their student to be in that particular crew or group.
Dress standards for dances should be followed. Semi-formal or formal wear may be required for some dances.
All students, as well as candidates for dance royalty, shall abide by the dress standards of the dance.
Appropriate behavior is also enforced. Inappropriate behavior and/or dress could result in: students being turned
away from attending the dance, being asked to leave the dance, suspension, and/or could be kept from
attending/participating at other future extracurricular activities as deemed by administration. Friday and
Saturday night dances will begin at 8:00 p.m. and end at either 10:00 or 11:00 p.m. Student body ID cards

will be mandatory to enter dances. Students from other schools that attend Bonneville High School dances must
have a guest participation form filled out completely with appropriate signatures from their school principals prior

to entrance in the dance. Those not of high school age (see below for age requirements) will need to fill
out the guest participation form as well. Those that are participating in the dance; excluding chaperones, must
be in high school, or if not in high school, under age 21. 9
th grade students and younger are not permitted to
attend Bonneville High school dances.
Dances – Semi-Formal & Formal Dress Standards
Semi-Formal/Best Dress Dances
 Young Men
o Dress slacks w/ a collared button-up shirt
o Shirt must be buttoned at least ¾ of the way up the shirt
o If a tie is worn, the tie must be kept around the neck.
o No jeans.
 Young Women
o Dresses will be worn to all Semi-formal/Best Dress dances. No pants.
 Dress Length: Hemline will be determined by an extended arm to the fingertips.
 Coverage: The dress must cover the area from the "armpits to the fingertips"
o Open-backed dresses can only be open a maximum of ½ way down the back
o No strapless dresses without a shawl. BHS will have shawls available.
o No jeans.
Formal Dress Dances
 Young Men
o Tuxedo
o Suit and tie
o Dress slacks w/sport coat/shirt and tie
 Young Women
o Gown
 Dress Length: Hemline will be determined by an extended arm to the fingertips.
 Coverage: The dress must cover the area from the "armpits to the fingertips".
 Open-backed dresses can only be open a maximum of ½ way down the back.
 No strapless dresses without a shawl. BHS will have shawls available.
Please Note:
The student may be asked to go home and change their attire to conform to the outlined standards.
Dance dress code violations will be determined by the school administration working the dance.
Daytime Curfew
It is unlawful for any juvenile who is subject to compulsory education to leave the school campus without a
valid school issued off campus permit, other than during their lunch time. It is unlawful for the parent of any
juvenile to knowingly permit them to violate the daytime curfew.
Dress Code
The Board of Education of the Weber School District recognizes that standards of proper dress and grooming
affect the behavior of students attending school. Bonneville High's dress code promotes safety, personal
hygiene, and a proper academic environment. Students are expected to maintain a type of dress that is clean,
modest, and not distracting to teachers or other students and not detrimental or disruptive to the educational
process. Emphasis is placed on neatness, cleanliness, safety, and modesty in personal appearance.

Bonneville High School is committed to preparing students for the world of work. This includes teaching proper etiquette.
Therefore, the following standards for dress and appearance:
1. Clothing not ordinarily worn in the workplace may not be worn at school (i.e., robes, pajamas, house
slippers, mutilated clothing, etc.).
2. Shoes (including sandals and flip flops) must be worn at all times. (More restrictive shoe
requirements may be required for safety reasons in some classrooms).
3. Shorts, skirts, and dresses must extend to mid-thigh length or lower. No mini skirts, mini dresses or
short shorts at school. Leggings can be worn but must not be sheer. Items over leggings must meet
the proper length requirements as stated above.
Clothing cannot present a distraction or disruption to the educational process.
4. Shirts and tops may not have bare midriffs or be revealing at the neck, stomach and/or arm holes.
Tank tops, athletic undershirts, halter tops, spaghetti strap shirts, and bare midriff shirts are not
allowed at school.
5. Underwear may not be worn outside of or on top of other clothing, or where it is exposed or can be
seen. Sagging pants must not reveal underwear.
6. Clothing with designs, printed words, or slogans that are suggestive, obscene, in poor taste, promote
violence, or that refer to a substance or activity which is illegal for a minor will not be allowed.
Clothing which refers to ale, beer, or other alcoholic beverages, smoked or smokeless tobacco,
breweries, or illegal drugs may not be worn.
7. For security purposes, hats or other types of head covering such as scarves, hoodies, bandanas, etc.
may not be worn in the building. Head coverings will be confiscated if worn in the building. Good
manners dictate that no head-wear be worn.
8. Sunglasses may not be worn in the building except under doctor's note.
9. Educationally distracting hair color or makeup will not be allowed. Hair or makeup which is so
conspicuous, extreme, odd in color or style that it draws undue attention, disrupts, or tends to disrupt
or interfere with the learning atmosphere at school will not be allowed.
10. Clothing attachments, jewelry, or accessories which could be considered weapons, which could pose
a potential risk of injury to the wearer or other, or which could be considered to be disruptive to the
educational process may not be worn. Chains longer than 8 inches may not be worn.
11. Inappropriate and distracting tattoos may not be displayed. Tattoos with designs, printed words, or
slogans that are suggestive, obscene, in poor taste, or that refer to a substance or activity which is
illegal for a minor will not be allowed. Tattoos which refer to ale, beer, or other alcoholic beverages,
smoked or smokeless tobacco, breweries, illegal drugs, or promote violence may not be displayed.
12. Performance attire and/or team uniforms should reflect good taste and modesty even though they
may not meet the above dress code. They may NOT be worn in the classroom during the school
13. Costumes are not to be worn at school. For security purposes, masks are also prohibited on campus.
14. Bonneville High School reserves the right to prohibit any items of clothing or appearance which may
cause a disturbance or distraction to an orderly school environment, i.e., bandannas, jewelry, chains,
etc. that are disruptive or might be a safety concern.
15. Gang related clothing, attire, and fashion is prohibited. Gang apparel and fashion changes, and new
trends will be enforced as we receive information from our local gang task force and local law
 Violations of the dress code policy will result in disciplinary action:
 First offense: The student will be warned and the incident will be recorded on the
discipline tracker. The student will be required to change inappropriate clothing. If the
violation involves a head covering, the head covering will be confiscated and taken to the
office. The student may pick up the head covering after school.
 Second offense: A parent/guardian will be contacted and the student will be required to
change inappropriate clothing. If the violation involves a 2nd head covering violation, the

head covering will be confiscated, taken to the office, and returned to a parent/guardian

after school. The incident will be recorded on the discipline tracker.
 Third offense: The student will be suspended for one day and a parent/guardian will be
contacted. The incident will be recorded on the discipline tracker. If the incident involves a
3rd head covering violation, the head covering will be returned to the parent/guardian.
 Any subsequent violation(s) of the dress code policy will result in extended periods of
suspension from school.
Any violation of the dress code policy will follow the above due process tiered disciplinary
Drug and Alcohol Testing of Students Participating in Extracurricular Activities
The district finds that an education drug awareness and drug testing program for all students in grades nine (9)
through twelve (12) who participate in extracurricular activities at the high school is advisable for the following
Health and safety of the individual and others: Any student participation in an activity under the influence of an
illegal drug or alcohol may create a risk of death or serious bodily injury, not only to the student, but to other
participants and spectators.
Prevention: Students will have an additional reason (i.e., participation in student activity programs) to avoid the
use of drugs.
Intervention: Identifies individuals participating in activities who have a problem with alcohol or drugs and
encourages early intervention.
Before any student participates in any UHSAA extracurricular or school program, the student and the student's
custodial parent or lawful guardian shall sign a written consent form for random drug testing.
All participants must have the drug and alcohol forms signed and turned in prior to participating.
Random drug testing will be conducted during the season on a weekly basis or any other frequency determined
by the school. If the participant has already been initially tested as a result of his or her participation in a prior
activity, he/she will continue to have his/her name in the pool consisting of all students participating in
programs at the time of the drawing. Selection for testing will be by lottery drawing. Reasonable steps will be
taken to assure the integrity, confidentiality and random nature of the selection process.
For more information on the testing procedures and protocols, please see the "Drug and Alcohol Testing of
Students Participating in Extracurricular Activities" procedure sheet available through coaches, advisors,
administration, or the office secretaries. (The complete policy and drug testing form can be found
at: http://www.bhs.weber.k12.ut.us/student.html.)
Eligibility in Extra Curricular Activities
Bonneville High School is concerned about the academic success of all Laker students. It is important that our
students are moving forward toward graduation. Athletics and extra-curricular activities should be a means to
encourage students to take care of their academic and attendance requirements. Bonneville High School
provides students with many opportunities to participate in extra-curricular activities. Research shows that
students perform better in school when they are involved in extra-curricular activities. In compliance with the
Utah High School Activities Association (UHSAA) standards and those of Bonneville High School, the
following minimum standards have been set for participation in any and all Bonneville High School extracurricular activities.


*Career Day workshops Tuesday November 11th (students will be able to attend workshops put on by professionals from the community regarding various career choices/opportunites)


*Thursday November 6th, PTSA needs volunteers to help do a tally count to place students into the Career Day workshops they sign up for.  Please contact Sheila Smith 801-388-5006 if interested in helping.


*Volunteers needed for the Senior graduation party in May.  Please contact Sheila Smith 801-388-5006 or Lanette Weeks at 801-389-2290 if interested in helping.


*PTSA has scholarships that will be awarded to some qualifying seniors.  Watch for further info to come on picking up applications.   The deadline to turn them in will be February 28th, 2015.


*PTSA Meetings will take place the first Wednesday of every month.  Our next meeting is November 5th at 9:00am in the Admirals Conference Room.  We will not have a December meeting, but will reconvene January 7th at 9:00am.