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Bonneville High What's Up September 2022

LIA- Latinos in Action

LIA is not just a class - they are a family - when they signed up to be in the class they committed to do what it takes to be in class, be involved and be in the community - they represent!  Latinos IN Action!!!!



As we started talking about painting the Bonneville Logo on the Street - we revisited the Grid Method for drawing using Post-it notes.  The students used these shapes to create images in teams.  A fun way to review and add color and excitement to our first day.  But then - as a class we together created a monumental task....

I am sooooooooooo proud of them.

Thanks to our fearless leaders who took a chance on us - we brought color and reminders to our neighborhood that BHS is who lives and breathes here and we are proud to be LAKERS!


Polynesian/ Islander Club

We started a Polynesian / Island Club today at BHS. This is the first of its kind. Currently, the students are looking at what to call the club to be more inclusive of those who are from an island, but not necessarily from Polynesia. I concurred with this and encouraged the club to reach out to anyone who might be interested. We have a growing number of students who are 1st or 2nd gens from islands and I love that they are interested in unifying culturally. Last year, Jamie Ellis and Emily Oyler asked the Polynesians from BHS to perform at the District's LEAP Festival and it was a HUGE success! A couple of the parents taught the students some dances and they performed several times throughout the LEAP program. This year, we have been asked to perform at Weber State on Nov 8, 2022 at their Polynesian Cultural Day. Students from this club will practice and then perform. Furthermore, activities like creating T-Shirts, tailgating at football games, and even working at the games concession stands are some of the near future ideas. All in all, this has been a pro-active club looking to help those integrate into our school through common cultures. All islanders across the world speak a broken kind of English called 'pigeon'. And some are just learning about their culture through dance. In any case, I am proud to be an advisor over this fantastic group of students.

Culinary Arts

This first photo is a trifle, the baking and pastry students had a chopped challenge where they were required to use the following ingredients in a dessert.

The ingredients were:

  • Raspberry Flavoring
  • Powdered Sugar
  • Reese Breakfast Bar
  • Butterscotch Chips
  • Marshmallows
  • Red Pepper Flakes

This was the winning dish. They made brownies with butterscotch chips, red pepper flakes, powdered sugar and the breakfast bar, then layered it in a cup with whipped cream with raspberry flavoring and homemade raspberry sauce, topped it with torched marshmallows. Layers of heat from the brownies and sweet from the whipped cream and raspberries.

Food and Nutrition 1 students made homemade hamburgers and fries from scratch. We have been learning about sanitation and safety and food borne illnesses in class so students had to temp check their burgers to the correct temperature as well as avoid cross contamination of their burger toppings and the actual patties. We practiced knife skills and safety while cutting up the toppings and potatoes to make the fries. All while using kitchen safety when using the stove and ovens.

Visiting Authors

Authors Jennifer Jenkins and Kathryn Purdie presented at the Bonneville High library. The authors both talked about overcoming setbacks and using failure as part of the learning and growing process. We loved having them here.


Lil Lakers

The Lil Lakers came to the AP Studio Art Class to make handprints with paint.  The AP Art students will later turn these handprints into portfolio work by turning them into something more:  Like these from a few years ago:


New Administrators at Bonneville

This year we have 4 new Administrators who are excited about the upcoming year and love being Lakers!!

Principal- Rich Murray

Assistants- Steve Short, Brook Young, and Melinda Stimpson

Anchored in Agriculture

Bonneville FFA went to the Utah State Fair last week to learn more about the agriculture commodities available in Utah. The students enjoyed the day watching the pig show, finding the butter cow, eating delicious fair food and more!! I was a great day to be a Laker FFA Member because we are "Anchored in Agriculture" 

BHS Choirs

The first few weeks of school are busy for the Performing Arts.  We are fitting students for their performing outfits, establishing a routine for class including seating charts, where folders are kept, calendaring, performance schedules etc……  We started the season with several summer parties for Laker Choir and Tapestry members to get to know each other.

Tapestry, Bonneville HS’s Chamber Choir,  started their official season in early August with a wonderful retreat at the Environmental Center.  We had 2 full days of singing that culminated in a parent dinner, talent show and the premier performance of Tapestry 2022-2023.  They sounded amazing and it was fun to see them share other talents as well.

Choirs at Bonneville HS have been busy the last few weeks of school.  We sing the National Anthem at every home football game.  We were able to perform in the opening assembly in collaboration with the BHS Cheerleaders, Lakettes, drumline, and student body officers as we taught the Fight Song to our school. We loved participating in Homecoming Week by painting the street, having a float in the parade and singing the Star Spangled Banner at the game.  We’ve also participated in our 2 traditional fundraisers, potato sales & our Laker Gold Card sales.  Here are some pictures of our adventures thus far:

There are many of the choir students who crossover and participate in our Musical Theatre program.  We are preparing for the musical Annie to be performed Nov. 11 - 21.  Tickets are available at  Come see this family friendly heartwarming show!


Architectural Design

Mr White’s CAD 1 class has been designing plans and learning new techniques.
Using CAD to draw the footings, foundation and other plans.



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