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Bonneville High What’s Up October 2022

 World Champion  

Former Laker–Amy Campo Conquers Reigning +60kg Queen Gabi Garcia 5-0 in Major Upset at ADCC Semis

Over the past several years, Amy Campo has competed against submission wrestlers from all around the world.  She’s won gold medals in many different tournaments, including several world tournaments that draw international competitors.  She quickly gained notoriety and was invited to the biggest and most prestigious jiu jitsu (submission wrestling) tournament in the world, called the Abu Dhabi Combat Club (ADCC) tournament.  She fought her way into the final 8 of that tournament, where she ultimately competed against Gabi Garcia, the 5-time world champion.  Amy weighed in at 145 lbs and Gabi weighed in at 209 lbs. Amy defeated Gabi in the final seconds of the match and went on to win the entire female ADCC tournament.  Amy Campo is currently named the best female grappler in the world, making history as the first ever American 60kg+ champion.  Amy is well known in the wrestling community for being a person of incredible work ethic and strong moral character.


 Bonneville Chamber Orchestra

On September 24, our Bonneville Chamber Orchestra had the opportunity to collaborate with the Weber High School music students and also adult musicians from the Ogden Valley to perform a space themed concert in Huntsville.  We were part of a project put together by the Mountain Valley Arts organization to introduce a Solar System scale model being built throughout the Ogden Valley.  As part of the program we were able to premier an original composition written by a local composer.  What made it even more special is that the composer himself helped rehearse and conduct the piece.  The students did an amazing job of preparing and performed an incredible concert.



Bonneville's Drumline had the opportunity to perform at the Weber School District Marching Showcase on October 3.  The students performed music they have been working on all summer and did a great job.  They took the opportunity to pull out the old marching band uniforms and looked awesome.  At the end of the evening drumlines from four different schools took the field together and played in one giant group.  It was fun to see them unified by the love of music.


Plant and Soil Sciences and Natural Resources

This month in Plant and Soil Science and Natural Resources we have been learning about ecology and soils. We have had some classroom labs where students learn the importance and how to texturize soils. Then we visited the environmental center last week and got to do a hands-on field day that included archery, soil testing, using microscopes, hatchet throwing, and identifying wildlife.



Choirs at Bonneville have been preparing for our Fall Choir Concert “Jubilate - Sing Joyfully!” to be held Thursday October 20th at 7:00 pm in the BHS Auditorium. Free to the public.

Also, 20 students from BHS represented Bonneville at the Utah All-State Choir in the Salt Lake City Tabernacle. They rehearsed Thursday - Saturday culminating with a concert that evening at 7:30. We also had a lovely banquet before the concert with Laker All-State Participants and their parents catered by our very own Jimmy Moss. It was a beautiful evening with 580 participants from over 60 schools throughout the state. I am so proud of these kids!

Finally another reminder that Annie is running Nov. 11 - 21.  Tickets are available at  Come see this family friendly heartwarming show!



HOSA attended our Fall Leadership Conference on Tues Oct. 4. We took 11 out of our 15 officers. Officers were able to listen to a keynote speaker and then attend 4 different breakout sessions about HOSA, State Leadership Conference, Be the Match, hosting blood drives and more. Several workshops were about leadership, growing your chapter, and planning service projects and activities. It was a great opportunity for students to network and to build relationships with their peers and fellow officers.


Bonneville High Automotive

Bonneville High and Box Elder Automotive students are being recognized for the work with World of Speed and the years of help the teacher has done. 

Bonneville High School Automotive program is in the running for the shop of the nation. Wish us luck!!

Skills USA / Automotive Student from Both Bonneville High School and Box Elder High School are joining forces to restore a 1951 Mack Fire Engine for the 2027 Road Rally a part of the Great Race X-Cups

Bonneville Automotive Club is heading to SEMA for the World finals for Hot Rodder of Tomorrow. with the fastest time in Utah the team qualified with a engine teardown and rebuild in 26min and 13sec. 



Give a shout out to our very own Amber Hellstrand for receiving the Hometown Hero Award! A local community member nominated Amber for all of her hard work and efforts in the mental health world.



Laker Shelby Salazar entered an art competition in August with this piece titled “Roots within the Rhythm”

Foods 1, Culinary 1, and Baking and Pastry

Pictures of foods 1 practicing knife skills and learning to make rice on the stove without a rice cooker! They turned it into fried rice!

Baking and Pastry made real traditional strawberry shortcake and shared with office staff after a long day!

Culinary 1 practiced cooking terms and made homemade donuts! 

Pictures attached from the prostart burger competition! Students made a non traditional burger, side, and dessert of their choice. They had to plan everything out, make grocery lists, and practice presentation skills, they also had to make a menu for the judges. Admin was great and came to enjoy the delicious food. It was a close race and the winning group won by one point! 



On Oct 6th Bonneville student leaders from DECA, a business and marketing student association, attended the State Fall Leadership Conference at Thanksgiving Point. 

Students were excited to hear from the power duo, Kristen and Jeremy Andrus, President and CEO of Traeger Grills. @jeremy_andrus

In addition, the keynote speaker was Sam Taggart, D2D expert and self proclaimed serial entrepreneur. @thesamtaggart 

Students left inspired to prepare Bonneville’s Chapter for upcoming regional and state competitions. Follow these Bonneville CTSO leaders on Instagram @bonnevillehighdeca


Mrs. Nish’s Child Development class helps us prepare for Life!

After learning about Child Development Theories, conception, prenatal care, prenatal development, birth defects, and pregnancy trimesters the students get to spend a day wearing the Pregnancy Empathy Belly! 

While they wear the belly they participate in a variety of activities including: walking up and down the stairs, trying to find a comfortable position to sleep in, and picking up a bucket of toys.

We will complete the unit with labor and delivery before we move onto the Neonate, and the students get to take home mechanical babies that really do cry and want to eat!

The next level for this class, students will learn to create lesson plans and work with the Little Lakers at the school’s Early Childhood Education Lab!

Human Development CHF 1500 is a semester class where students earn high school credit and 3 College Credits for WSU. Talk about a bargain! We learn about Human Development throughout the Lifespan.

 In our Early Childhood Unit, we hosted a Cognitive Lab based on the Theory of Jean Piaget. We invited the Little Lakers from BHS’s Early Childhood Education Lab to join us and we all had a great learning experience!



On Oct 5th, Educators rising students, with aspirations of becoming future educators, attended the State Fall Leadership Conference
at WSU Davis Campus.

Breakout Workshops included information on competition prep, chapter recruitment and best practices for running a school chapter. Lots of fun was had by Bonneville Members. Follow our CTSO group on Instagram @bonnevilleeducatorsrising

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