2021-22 Bonneville High School Sterling Scholar Application Link

Both vocal and instrumental music applications must be submitted via email to Mrs. Berni by 3:00pm on October 25th.

Applications for the remaining categories must be submitted via email to Mrs. Berni () no later than Friday, October 29 at 11:59pm. Mrs. Berni will send out confirmation emails (during school hours), so you know your application has been received. Most interviews will be held the first week in November and nominees will be announced on November 10.  


*You may apply in more than one category, but you must submit one application for each category

  • English: creative writing, journalism, literature...
  • Mathematics 
  • Social Science: government, geography, history, economics, social issues, world affairs…
  • Science: biology, chemistry, engineering, physics, health science...
  • World Languages: English and the native tongue of the candidate does not qualify as a “foreign language” in this category.
  • Computer Technology: programming, interfacing, networking, repair, construction, design and illustration, media and multimedia...
  • Skilled & Technical Sciences Education: Agricultural sciences, automotive services, collision repair, cabinetmaking/millwork, carpentry, cosmetology/barbering, drafting/CADD, graphics/printing technology, law enforcement, machinist, technician/CNC, welding, film making...
  • Family & Consumer Sciences: child development and care, interior design, family living, food and nutrition, culinary arts, clothing and fashion, other life skills…
  • Business & Marketing: business management, non-profit management, accounting, entrepreneurship, sales, marketing...
  • Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics
  • Vocal Performance 
  • Visual Arts: drawing, photography, commercial art, mixed media, graphic art, painting, sculpture...
  • Instrumental Music
  • Dance 

How do I become a Sterling Scholar?

The Sterling Scholar Awards are open to Utah public high school seniors.  It is expected that each school will nominate one candidate in any of the 14 categories.  Each school may nominate only one nominee in each of the 14 categories and a nominee may be nominated in only one category.  The selection process and nomination of nominees as Sterling Scholar nominees is left entirely up to each high school.  Sterling Scholar officials consider a nominee a high school senior if he/she will be graduating with the senior class during the year 2022.  For more information, you may review the Sterling Scholar Handbook.

High school seniors who attend college classes full or part-time or are classified as foreign exchange nominees are eligible for the Sterling Scholar Awards.   However, the program is designed to recognize scholastic achievement in Utah public high schools.  To be selected a Sterling Scholar nominee, students must have extraordinary scholarship scores as well as service in leadership and community service/citizenship opportunities at their Utah public high school.  It is up to each school to determine if an individual has been in attendance enough to experience these leadership and community service/citizenship opportunities.   Each Sterling Scholar nominee’s entire school experience will be considered, although emphasis will be placed on the high school years.  

High school officials are urged to nominate scholars for categories in which the nominees are genuinely interested and qualified.

Ultimately, selecting nominees is the responsibility of the school principal and not the Deseret News or KSL Broadcast Group.   No specific method of selection is required, although the process outlined below provides an excellent opportunity to encourage scholarship. Accordingly, the opportunity to apply to the Sterling Scholar program should be open to as many nominees as possible.  The following procedure is encouraged to determine each school’s Sterling Scholar:

  • Principal  selects  and  assigns  a  committee  of  school  faculty,  including  a  Sterling Scholar coordinator, to  administer the nomination process  of  public high school seniors  for Sterling Scholar Awards participation.
  • The  committee  should  create  a  questionnaire  that  is  distributed  to  nominees  as  a guide  for evaluating activities, achievements and ambitions within an area of high school education that is characterized by one of the Sterling Scholar categories.
  • The completed questionnaire and supporting materials should be submitted to the principal and/or assigned committee for review.  Departmental advisors should be contacted for aid in nominee recommendations based on the submitted questionnaire and additional information.

Ultimately, the principal will determine which individual in each category will be submitted as the school’s official nominee.

PLEASE  NOTE: The Deseret News and the KSL Broadcast Group do NOT take part in the selection of nominees.  All questions must be directed to the school and NOT the Deseret News or KSL Broadcast Group.  All inquiries must be handled by the school coordinator, principal or assistant principal, who is responsible for contacting the Sterling Scholar director for clarification (this includes parents, nominees, teachers, etc.).

Past Recipients

2021-2022 BHS Sterling Scholars

Sterling Scholar Group Photo
 Bella Larsen English

Bella Larsen - English

 Coleman Vasas Math

Coleman Vasas - Math

 Isaac Staten Social Science

Isaac Staten - Social Studies

 Kai Hurst Science

Kai Hurst - Science

 Stephanie Backman World Languages

Stephanie Backman - World Languages

 Ficsher Bowcutt Computer Technology

Fischer Bowcutt - Computer Technology

 Sydney Evans Skilled and Technical Sciences Education

Sydney Evans - Skills & Technical Sciences

 Natalie Harbertson Family and Consumer Sciences

Natalie Harbertson - Family & Consumer Sciences

 Kaden Richter Business and Marketing

Kaden Richter - Business & Marketing

 Ryan Park Speech Theatre Arts Forensics

Ryan Park - Speech/Theatre Arts/Forensics

 Shayla Florence Vocal Performance

Shayla Florence - Vocal Performance

 Luke Bowthorpe Visual Arts

Luke Bowthorpe - Visual Arts

 Gavin Smith Instrumental Music

Gavin Smith - Instrumental Music

 Alyiah Ryan Dance

Alyiah Ryan - Dance

2020-2021 BHS Sterling Scholars

 Spencer Heywood

Spencer Heywood - Business/Marketing

 Malin Scharman

Malin Scharman - Computer Tech

 Madison Johnson

Madison Johnson - Dance

 Madysen Gailey

Madysen Gailey - English

 Allsion Bird

Allison Bird - FACS

 Cal Cornaby

Cal Cornaby - Instrumental Music

 Laura Lindquist

Laura Lindquist - Math

 Jarod Moss

Jared Moss - Science

 AJ Dwyer

Joseph Dwyer - Social Science

 Macy McCormack

Macy McCormack - Speech/Theater/Forensics

 Trinity Gross

Trinity Gross - Visual Art

 Brecklyn Noble

Brecklyn Noble - Vocal Performance

 Alexandra Michaels

Alexandra Michaels - World Language

 Samuel Archer

Sam Archer - Skilled/Technical Education

2019-2020 BHS Sterling Scholars

 Ben Laughter Mathematics

Ben Laughter - Mathematics 

 Courtney Cutler Dance

 Courtney Cutler - Dance

Douglas Williams English

Douglas Williams - English

Dylan Hunter Vocal Performance

Dylan Hunter - Vocal Performance

Hudson Iverson Visual Arts

Hudson Iverson - Visual Arts

Katelyn Halbritter Science

Katelyn Halbritter - Science

Kaylee Morgan World Language

Kaylee Morgan - World Language

Leilani Christensen Family and Consumer Science

Leilani Christensen - Family And Consumer Science

McKenzie Leininger Social Science

McKenzie Leininger - Social Science

Nicholas Evans Computer Technology

Nicholas Evans - Computer Technology

Olivia Stephens Skilled and Technical Education

Olivia Stephens - Skilled & Technical Education

Sage Speth Speech Theater Forensics

Sage Speth - Speech Theater Forensics

Thomas Davies Business and Marketing

Thomas Davies - Business And Marketing

Zane Chavez Instrumental Music

Zane Chavez - Instrumental Music

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