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Attendance Policy

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Weber School District Policy 4170

  • Students earn 0.25 units of attendance credit in each class each term they are enrolled.
  • If a student is absent or tardy 5 times in any class period, excused or unexcused,
    throughout the term, the student will lose attendance credit for that particular class.
    • Exceptions may be made for pre-arranged absences, students experiencing a
      long-term illness, absences incurred for circumstances beyond the student’s
      control, and doctor's excused absences. 
  • Attendance credit begins accumulating at the start of a student's 10th-grade year up
    through graduation.  
  • Attendance credit is utilized to determine student eligibility for graduation, athletics, and
    other school-sponsored extracurricular activities.

Any student that accumulates attendance credit loss above 0.75 will be considered
ineligible until that attendance credit is made up as dictated by WSD policy 4170 and the
student’s high school.

Consistent regular attendance is vital to the success and education of our students. Weber
School District and our educators are committed to supporting students and their families as we
reimplement attendance credit in our high schools. Please contact your high school's
attendance office and/or administration with any questions regarding attendance credit and how
it may impact your student.

Brock Mitchell - Director of Secondary Education
Matt Williams - Supervisor of Secondary Education
Rich Murray - Principal, Bonneville High School